YabaiSoup (yabaisoup) wrote,

Ryuusei no Kizuna *
Seigi no Mikata *
Room of King *
Code Blue
Yasashii Jikan
1 Litre of Tears

Think I could finish by the week? I don't think so. But I hope so. I really want to finish watching the ones with a * next to it. ):


Hana Yori Dango Final
Beethoven Virus
Korean Dramas overall. :P I feel like I've watched all the Japanese ones already.

(Caught up on GnoArashi episodes. (Thank god T__T) Need to ride back on the Asian Music wave. Especially the korean wave. :P)

So, Yesterday, I went to DCM 9:00 in the morning. Kinda boring in my opinion. Cause I didn't play golf, and I didn't play in the Arcade because you had to pay 6 dollars for it. I was broke, so I was like, "NAWWW". So I just chilled with MyOrangeFriend. (: He showed me all these videos on his phone, with him breaking and stuff. Yeahh. After DCM, I went to go watch a movie at the mall. Me, MyOrangeFriend, Linda, Nathan, Karen, and Micheal went to watch Marley & Me. Man, that was a friggen' sad movie. I teared up a little, but not was much as Linda or Karen. I don't think so. Haha. After that, we hung out at the mall. I was pretty tired at after the movie though. Then around 5:00, we left and Linda dropped me off at Merrylle's house because of Merrylle's party. Merrylle's party was fun! Played RockBand and chilled. ;D She had good food! Ohmy, I didn't eat the whole day, so I was so happy :O... Haha. Ahhh! Merrylle cried! ): I'm envious of her. She has such a good family. And A big family too! Sigh. Merrylle Happy Birthday! and I hope you like your CDs I made for you. xD Ahhh! Hahahahaha! Came home at like 10:00. I was pretty tired.
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