YabaiSoup (yabaisoup) wrote,

Feeling Artistic

I'm getting a head start with making those Senior Aloha posters for Badminton. So far I only finished 4 posters out of 13. I think that's pretty good since the Senior Aloha is going to be around May, and it's still March! I got one month to finish these posters for everyone. Haha. I really hope they like it. I'm trying really hard to show each sketch with each person, like their personalities and stuff. I want to show it through their posters, so they can be happy and beat Westmont on their Senior game. Hahaha. I really hope that our team wins League. It would mean so much to everyone. I just know it. On Tuesday, we're going to battle against Independance. I hope we win! *knocks on wood*
Last Thursday was Panoramic pictures for our class and the Tree People had these green shirts. Mannnn! The color looked so nice! I want to buy that color shirt and use my fabric paint to draw a fish on it! OMG. HAHAHA. Yes, I want to draw a fish. The reason why? Because for English class, we had to draw a animal really to the main character in a book that we're reading. So I drew a fish, HAHAHA. Man my fish looked awesome, but it kinda looked high and stoned ... and tired. HAHAHA. But I really liked it (:
These couple of days, I've been staying at school each day for partically 12 hours. 12 HOURS. Can you believe that? I'm like crazyy.

So yeah, I'm feeling really artistic these past couple of days too! I'm drawing, dancing, listening to a lot of music and all those kinds of stuff.

Hmm. Now I am hungry. Must go find something to eat!
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