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Hey Wassup Hello! Welcome to my LJ!

My name Is Carly from USA, CA. I'm specifically from Northern California. As for the name Yabaisoup, if you don't know what やばい, it basically means a lot of things. It could mean "That's awesome!" or "Crap!" I have no idea how I thought of adding "soup" to the name would make sense, but whatever!

This LJ is usually just for me to keep updated on the Arashi fandom <3.

A little background on myself, I've been a fan of Arashi since 2007. Like many other people, it started when I watched Hana Yori Dango. I thought the theme song was great, and it brought me to learn more about their songs, like きっと大丈夫 (I watched the PV thinking they were a rock band, lol. Oh gohad, how I was fooled!) My 一番 has moved around a few times in my younger years, but now my 一番 is Ohno!

It's been about a good 5 years since I've been on hiatus in the fandom, due to trying to finish up college education and shit. I think it's about time I use it once again!

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