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Ahh! I'm really really tired. It's too much for my little body. I can't handle this! :( I didn't know being an officer, I would have to stay after school to do more things. I just expected everything to be done during school, and I can come home everyday and watch some TV and some of my Japanese thingys! But, I can't really do that anymore! Because I'm tired and I get lazy to watch things. And now, things that I download, I don't even get to watch because I get tired of even thinking about watching things because I am sooo busy! :( I'd hate to say it, but I really want high school to be over. Or more specifically, I want to NOT be busy again. I can't even think about playing TCGs because that's not my priority right now. It's school school school and more school. My school schedule is pretty mellow and easy since I dont' have any math or science classes, but I don't know, I don't really like it. I feel really lazy to do any homework for government and english class because most of my classes, I don't really have homework in! So I assume that I have no homework because I only really think about those classes that do NOT have homework, when I should be thinking about the classes in which I do have the most homework in. Today, I had to stay after school, but I didn't want to, I wanted to stay home, because I love the feeling of being home and just doing your own thing. School is such a pain, and that pain really hurts my little body. MAN, I'm like so busy, I don't even eat during Lunch time because I have meetings to go to. And I'm not able to hang out with my best friend! And it's only been like, what ... three week or so? Aiyahhh.
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