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I think I should start using LiveJournal now instead of Xanga, cause I'm pretty scared. People that read my blogs on Xanga are people that I don't really want them to read it. No offense to you people, but yeah, I kinda say personal things and it's weird when people know what you are talking about. Well, it's just that, I don't want people to really know because they might think of it differently. And they might take it in a weird kinda of way, when you didn't really mean it like that, you know. But I know that LiveJournal, people can read my blogs, but I guess LiveJournal seems like a place where my friends at school can't really find this blog of mines. Haha.
So, School is still busy. It's December right now, and the last time I blogged here was like in September. Well, October was Homecoming. November was not really special i guess. December was crazy. The three school weeks in December, I had to paint. Andmy hands were always covered with paint when  came home. T__T;;
First week of December, the whole week I stayed after school for Winter Wonderland decorations. I made this really nice background for it. I wanted them to keep it but, they threw it away after. :\ I was kinda sad. I also made a head cut-out pictures where you can put your head in and take a picture. THEY KEPT THAT ONE. I was really happy.

Second week of December was the Winterball dance. Again, I had to stay after school the whole week just to work on this background for it. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of the real background, but I have my sketch of it. People complimented me on it. I was really happy. So, for Winterball, I had a date (: I never ever had a date before to the dance. I've been to so many dances, and I finally got asked out. Haha (: I was really happy. And the dance was funn. I finally got to slow dance with someone too! HAHA. Yay (:

Third week of December was Winterfest. That week was crazy. The whole Leadership class had to do a performance for Winterfest, so while learning dances, I also had to make decorations for our bleacher side. Whew. Out theme was 'Under the Mistletoe' and I drew a REALLY NICE Minnie and Mickey Mouse drawing. I was so proud of myself. I worked so hard on it. HAHAHA. Winterfest was funnn.

You know, even though school is busy for me, I'm kinda happy with being busy. Because everything is worht it at the end. And plus, it's my Senior year of high school. I should do everything before it's too late. Haha. (:

So today is Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone! It's hella raining where I'm living at. :\ But, I'm just thinking of it as snow falling (: Haha.

Soooo, I like this guy. (: And this guy likes me too. And I'm really happy right now. <3 Haha.

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